With over 38 years experience of working in adult social care and the youth & community field within both local authorities and the voluntary sector I have a wealth of experience that could assist you or your organisation.

For around 30 years I have worked within the learning disability field, including work with carers and advocacy and am therefore well experienced with working in this area.

Interim Management - Short term management roles.

Cover for sick/maternity leave etc. or for specific task / outcome based pieces of work.


Consultation / Information projects  

workshops - surveys - seminars - web based - drill downs - group work - task and finish groups.

Community Engagement projects - participate - cooperate - partnerships - shared vision - realise and develop community assets. I can get the community involved with each other to improve their area or local services.

Picture of Policy & Procedure folders

Policies & Procedures - I can write, review, or update your policies and procedures.

Voluntary sector, care sector, charity, small business etc. I can do most required policies and procedures. Just contact me with your particular needs and I will get back quickly with a response.

Brochures / Leaflets and Newsletters & Websites -

I will design and put together brochures leaflets and newsletters for and send back electronically for you to photocopy or send to printers.

I can also design, develop and manage a website for you. For example this website and also this one here: St Leonard's Safer Neighbourhood Panel

    Contact me here if you have any current needs not listed or questions and I will be happy to get back to you.