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About us - St. Leonard's Safer Neighbourhood Panel

Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels are locally based, and Metropolitan Police managed, community/police engagement and consultation groups. They are important contributors to the Metropolitan Police Service engagement commitment; contained within the MPS Local Policing Model. In restructuring community and police consultation and accountability, MOPAC transferred the control of borough-based community consultation and engagement to Met's Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels (Ward Panels). (read more below)

Current Ward Panel Elected Officers: (AGM 20/04/2023)

Chair - Robert Hill

Vice Chair - Jeremy Clyne       

Secretary - Vacant Post - if anyone is interested, please contact us   

Contact emails:

Our meetings are held quarterly. We try and move our meetings to different locations across the ward to make them as easy and as accessible as possible for all residents and businesses.

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. They are always attended by panel members and members of the local police team. Councillors and council officers may attend from time to time, although a local ward councillor is usually in attendance.

We normally have an opportunity for individual cases/issues to be discussed with police or members in a half hour "surgery" before the full meeting.

Please watch Twitter, Facebook, this website and local posters for news and details of our meetings.

If you have any comments about,  or items you wish to be considered for the website, please contact 



More about Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels


If you would like a Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel Handbook to download, click here. 


What are Ward Panels?

Additionally, MOPAC have required that Safer Neighbourhood Boards oversee the development of the Ward Panels to: " Ensure all wards have a ward panel........ Where ward panels are not in place or not functioning the board will have the opportunity to ask the MPS what plans are in place to address this...".

The aim of Ward Panels is to advise Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SN Teams) about local community crime and disorder concerns which should enable SN Teams to decide promises and priorities which are intended to match community concerns.


 "The Ward Panel will decide the promises for the area by examining the results of community consultation and research by police and partners. This will include taking account of results from public events and meetings where the community have voiced concerns. In addition to promise setting the panel should also be fully involved in deciding what type of action should be taken on their concerns and have an input to the problem solving approach".

The work and governance of Ward Panels are fully described in the Metropolitan Police Services' Review of Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panels - published in May 2014. Some extracts from that document are written below.


Ward Panel focus

Ward Panels are an instrumental part of local police engagement in London "As Met Police Safer Neighbourhood (SN) teams engage with communities, through various methods such as meetings or contact points, the teams will gain an insight into the local community’s crime and disorder concerns. In order to ensure that the work of each SN team is focused on resolving these problems, each SN team will require a process to involve local people to decide promises for them to work on."


Establishing a Ward Panel

The responsibility for this process will be based on a seven-stage model . The 5th stage in this process, public choices, is where decisions are made. At this stage each SN Team must establish a panel in every ward. This panel should be made up of local people whose role is to assess the local concerns, identified through community engagement and analysis, and establish priorities for policing in the SN area. The panel gives direction and local advice to the SNs team, although some priorities will require partners to take the lead.

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